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BIC Sport Kayaks

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

While water is a big part of an outdoor lifestyle, motorhomers must
choose between towing a dinghy or a boat — or using a small collapsible
or inflatable vessel. BIC Sport Kayaks offer paddle enthusiasts a
rigid-hull design with fold-up portability — and the Yakka 120 ups the
ante by claiming to support as much as 265 pounds.

During use, the Yakka 120 is a full-size (9 foot, 5 inch) kayak
with a hard plastic bottom shell and inflatable sides. For transport,
the hull folds up and doubles as a carrying case; weighing just 48
pounds, the Yakka 120 stows into a compact 59 x 30 inches. The Yakka 120
also includes a self-bailing drain hole to maintain buoyancy.

BIC Sport Kayaks, (508) 291-2770, www.BicSportNA.com

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