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AMSOIL’s Oiler

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

For the most part, owning a motorhome means embracing an extraordinary,
fun-filled lifestyle — bookmarked by extended periods of inactivity.
Such “on-again, off-again” use isn’t exactly conducive to a machine’s
mechanical longevity, however. Engines are particularly susceptible to
wear under such circumstances — especially at start-up and in cold
weather, before the engine has a chance to build oil pressure to
lubricate its reciprocating assemblies.

The AMS-Oiler is a pre-lube device that, upon start-up, injects
160 cubic centimeters of oil directly onto engine bearings and other
wear-sensitive surfaces. Claimed to be ideal for gas and diesel
applications, the AMS-Oiler is available both as an attachment to an
AMSOIL Dual-Remote Bypass Filter System, or as a standalone model that
can be mounted at any angle. Both models are said to be able to
accommodate engines up to 500-cid (8.2-l), are self-lubricating, have a
mechanical life cycle in excess of one million engine starts and
outperform gas and air-charge systems. Designed with a chrome-plated
high-grade carbon steel reservoir and anodized aluminum base.

For more information, contact AMSOIL, (800) 777-8491, amsoil.com.

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