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Amped! RV Voltage Booster

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Amped! RV Voltage Booster“Residential ambiance” may be the phrase that pays when it comes to
describing contemporary coaches, but RV parks don’t always deliver the
same consistent power you’re used to with traditional dwellings. Poor
wiring can translate into low voltage — and that, in turn, can damage
appliance circuits.

Or, you can plug in a Voltage Booster. Frank’s Electronics has
been crafting these safety devices for five years, and recently added
two new units. Both are claimed to have the ability to boost between 8
and 16 percent, as needed, and also incorporate a bypass feature that
does not boost when park voltage is at least 118 volts.

The Super Voltage Booster also includes a
low-voltage/high-voltage cutoff: According to the manufacturer, if
voltage drops below 105 volts — or spikes above 130 volts — the
booster automatically shuts off power to the motorhome. All models have
LED indicator lights, soldered connections and surge and spike
protection to help prevent damage to onboard electrical circuits.
Available in 30-amp and 50-amp sizes.

Frank’s Electronics, (888) 624-3347, voltagebooster.com.

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