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Air It Out RV Vent Cover

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Certain experiences just seem to go hand-in-hand with owning an RV. While most of us can laugh about tales of driving off with sewer hoses or power cords still attached because we’ve almost done the same thing ourselves, the one oversight we have seemingly all fallen victim to is driving off with a vent cover still open. And, since stock covers aren’t
intended to withstand wind buffeting at 60 mph, that also means that most of us have shared the chore of replacing said cover.

According to the folks at MaxxAir, the new MaxxFan is intended
to remain open during travel — its unique all-in-one design presents an
aerodynamic profile open or closed. That same slanted profile also
allows the fan to be operated in inclement weather, since air is pulled
up from the underside of its angled opening.

A built-in rain shield automatically moves into position
whenever the MaxxFan vent is opened. According to the manufacturer, the
MaxxFan includes a 3-speed fan, thermostat, air intake and exhaust
functions; the 12-volt DC fan motor features fuse-protected, sealed
bearings and turns a 12-inch, 10-bladed fan that flows a maximum of more
than 900 CFM of airflow. It opens and closes like a standard roof vent,
using a manual knob, and has a removable insect screen. Designed to fit
standard 14 x 14-inch roof openings, the MaxxFan includes all mounting
screws and hardware and comes with a choice of translucent white or
smoke tint vent lids.

For more information, contact MaxxAir Vent Corporation, (800) 780-9893, maxxair.com.

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