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Actron Scan Tool Makes RV Diagnosis Easy

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Oh no, that darn check-engine light is on again! I wonder what’s wrong – and if we can continue to our destination, or do we have to stop? These pesky malfunction-indicator lights (MILs) are among the most frequent vehicle problems encountered nowadays, and they’re even more common with powertrains that have been modified or move heavy loads.

Actron has introduced AutoScanner model CP 9575, its latest OBD II scan tool that can not only answer these questions – but also can help you find and fix the problem. The AutoScanner plugs into the standardized 16-pin under-dash diagnostic port found on most 1996 and newer gasoline-powered and some diesel-powered motorhomes. (The connector is required to be within 3 feet of the driver’s position.) The CP 9575 will display more than 15,000 generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and their definitions. Many so-called “code readers” can also do that basic function, but the AutoScanner does many of the tasks that professional scan tools perform, including showing six modes of OBD II data, and freeze-frames (snapshots of data from the time the fault occurred). Using a live data stream of OBD II parameters, you can even read sensor, switch, actuator and relay inputs as they occur, with the engine running.

Additionally, the CP 9575 can read and display the VIN, calibration verification number (CVN) and Calibration ID, check inspection/maintenance (I/M) monitors, pending DTCs, on-board diagnostic (OBD) system summary test status and drive-cycle monitor. These are very useful if you want to check your coach or other family vehicles (it works on cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs) before taking them for a state exhaust-emissions “smog” test. We found the compact unit had an intuitive design, and was easy to use, accurate and versatile. The kit comes with a helpful instruction manual. After you’ve diagnosed and repaired a problem that set an OBDII trouble code, you can erase stored codes and shut off the MIL. It also supports the controller-area network (CAN) protocol used by many 2005 and newer models, and can be updated through its USB port. AutoScanner CP 9575 is designed for do-it-yourselfers. At a suggested retail price of $120, the tool offers professional features at a price far below pro models and should pay for itself quickly. For more information, call 800-228-7667 or go to www.actron.com.

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