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A Whole Lotta Lights

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

a whole lotta lightsBroken down to its essential design, a motorhome is just a square tube
stuffed with a lot of angular equipment. Not surprisingly, it’s filled
with irregular, hard-to-light spaces.

When the space can’t accommodate a regular light or recessed
LED assembly, many RVers revert to stick-on battery-operated lights —
which don’t exactly impart an aura of high-end luxury. The Flex-N-Lite
LED Lighting Strip, on the other hand, is said to be easily hidden by
molding and rails, yet provides ample LED illumination to brighten
steps, coves and shelves.

Not to be confused with “rope lights,” each 24-inch Flex-N-Lite
strip contains 39 LEDs and 13 power slot connectors. The flexible
circuit board can be cut into as many as 13 sections, to fit spaces as
small as 2 inches. Ambient lighting is provided in a range of colors,
from amber to blue, green, orange, purple, red, teal or white. The
Flex-N-Lite strips also are claimed to be waterproof, to allow for use
outdoors, have a low-amp draw and operate on 9-volt to 16-volt DC

Innovative Lighting, (515) 388-1011, innovativelight.com

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