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10-Minute Tech: Leash Tender

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

With proper use of bungee cords, a little rope and a retractable dog leash, you can create a leash tender that hangs from your RV’s awning. Hook short bungee cords into the hole on the end of each side of the awning tube. Next, stretch a rope between the bungee cords to determine the proper length for an appropriate level of tension, then attach the rope by creating looped ends.Now hang a third bungee – this one with d-ring ends – from the rope. Attach a retractable leash to the other end of that bungee. Now attach the pooch to the retractable leash.

This gets the leash off the ground and the rope and bungee cords can remain in place when the awning is retracted, though the contraption should be removed for travel.   

Greg Izor, Escondido, California

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