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Quick Trailer Tips

10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Back Support

I can’t understand why RV makers build dinette seats with straight vertical backs. They’re like sitting in an uncomfortable church pew! To remedy this in our Jayco Jay Flight travel…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Dog-Friendly Steps

When my wife and I purchased our travel trailer, we were disappointed when our dog, an energetic Florida black mouth cur, did not share our enthusiasm. She has no problem…
10-Minute Tech

RV Smart: Bumper Saver

Over the past 40 years, I have hitched up boat and travel trailers of all sizes hundreds of times — and damaged a few bumpers in the process. Two years…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Easy-Clean Backsplash

Cooking splashes and grease are hard to clean off, especially if the area around your RV’s stove is wallpapered. I created a relatively inexpensive way to protect the wallpaper by…
10-Minute Tech

Tidy Storage Compartments

We tend to collect a lot of small items that lie around on the floor of our RV’s outside storage compartments, so I came up with a simple solution. I…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Out-of-Sight Shoe Rack

We have an EverGreen Bay Hill fifth-wheel that has plenty of storage but nowhere to keep extra shoes. My wife, Barb, tells me that I bring along too many pairs…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Sewer-Hose Storage

I recently bought a foam mattress pad for my RV that came in a clear plastic bag-type container with a zipper closure at the top and a carry handle. I…
10-Minute Tech

Get a Handle on Leveling

  To save time when setting up our trailer, I cut a 2-foot-long 6×6-inch piece of wood into 12-inch sections to make leveling blocks. I then added handles that l…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Cutting Board at-the-Ready

  I was looking for an easy way to secure the cutting board in my RV while still allowing it to be readily accessible. I took a 3M plastic hook…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: No-Trip Satellite Cables

  We discovered that the coaxial and power cables that run on the ground between the trailer and portable satellite dish on a tripod can be hazardous, especially in the…