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10-Minute Tech: Easy-Clean Backsplash

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Cooking splashes and grease are hard to clean off, especially if the area around your RV’s stove is wallpapered. I created a relatively inexpensive way to protect the wallpaper by making my own backsplash.

I measured the area I wanted covered and purchased a 1/16-inch-thick piece of clear plastic at Home Depot. I carefully cut the two pieces to size to cover two walls, and placed a small heavy-duty hook-and-loop tab in each corner, plus one in the middle to prevent bowing of the plastic in the center.

After removing the plastic tape from the back of the hook-and-loop tabs, I carefully lined up the pieces of plastic, and then gently pressed the plastic piece against the wallpaper.

Now I just wipe the grease splashes off the plastic, and the wallpaper remains nice and clean.

Paul Tesar | Rockwood, Ontario


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