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Safety & Maintenance

A Guide to Trailer Tires

It’s not that unusual for owners of trailers to be thinking about tires. If you’re going to take towing safety seriously, you must give attention to these seemingly simple circles…
Safety & Maintenance

RV Tire Safety Checklist

TREAD WEAR LIMITS Tire guides published by Goodyear and Michelin agree that tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 2/32-inch. The most accurate way to measure…
Trending Gear

Why Tire Pressure Monitors Matter

It’s easy to know when a tire is underinflated on today’s later-model tow vehicles because a flashing icon on the dash screams out there’s a problem that requires immediate attention.…

The Best Tires for Towing

When it’s time to put tires on their tow vehicle, some people are happy to tell the tire shop to “just put on another set of what’s on there now,”…