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must-have gear for snowbirds
Gear & Accessories

Snowbird Must-Haves

Thinking of packing up your RV this winter and heading someplace warm? As incredible as it sounds to leave behind the ice and snow, you should know a few things…
best rv snowbird destinations
Lifestyle & Travel

Snowbird Hot Spots

This coming winter, snowdrifts in the street are out, while sand dunes on the beach are in. In North America’s Sunbelt, several warm-weather spots welcome southbound travelers from frigid northern…
snowbird RVing
Places to Go & Things to Do

Snowbirds in the Sunbelt

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Places to Go & Things to Do

Craig’s RV Park: A Florida Gem

Built, operated, and owned by the Craig family since 1979, Craig’s RV Park is about more than just camping. Located in Central Florida, the park combines the pleasure of a…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Heading South For the Winter: A Snowbird RV Itinerary

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning in Eunice, Louisiana, and we’re milling around with a few dozen people, mostly local folks, snacking on boudin (a spicy Cajun sausage) and…
Life on the Road

Top Tips for Snowbirds

For the past eight years, my wife, Ruth, and I have been escaping our cold northeastern winters, joining snowbirds heading south in our motorhome. We alternate between Florida and the…
Trending RVs

RVs For Snowbirds

For many of us, the RV lifestyle began on family camping trips, with only a thin layer of a canvas tent between you and the hard ground below. The accommodations…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Best RV Resorts in the Sun Belt

Snowbirding is just one of the many wonderful perks of RVing. The ability to ditch the cold in search of the sun from the comfort of your own motorhome makes…