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RVing with dogs
Family Travel & Pets

Pets: Fetch the Sun

If you have ever braved winter in all its glory in an RV with your dog, you know it comes with many rewards: snowy adventures, winter hikes, campfires, and clear-night…
dogs and fireworks
Family Travel & Pets

Pets: Soothe Your Pooch

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hiking with a dog
Family Travel & Pets

How Far Should You Hike with Your Dog?

Being outside. Being able to explore new surroundings. Being with you. What more could a dog want? It’s easy to give your dog all of this with one simple act: a hike. Hiking…
two girls hiking with their dog
Family Travel & Pets

Best Leashes for Hiking with Your Dog

There’s no better way to enjoy nature than by bringing your dog for a hike. Especially if you’re traveling by RV with a four-legged friend in tow, it’s a great…