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historic triangle travel
Places to Go & Things to Do

Travel to the Past

Over the course of two months, I spoke with Thomas Edison and Miles Standish, threw tea into Boston Harbor, and rode in a Model T. No, I am not a…
Backpacking with Your Kids
Family Travel & Pets

Is Backpacking with Your Kids a Good Idea?

Backcountry backpacking brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. The opportunity to get out in nature while carrying everything you need with you (plus a few amenities)…
The Baltazar RV Family
Family Travel & Pets

5 Camping Skills to Teach Your Kids

The sound of a crackling fire. Dinner cooking over the smoky coals. The tinkling of children laughing over the chorus of insects chirping away in the dark. These are the…
A Young boy taking a picture using an old camera
Family Travel & Pets

Teaching Your Kids Photography on an RV Trip

Photography and travel go hand in hand. Capturing images that will be fondly framed and hung in the house or just uploaded to a computer where they can be looked…
Family Travel & Pets

Safe RV Camping with Kids

Who’s Coming Along? First and foremost, knowing how many little ones you may be transporting — and their ages — will allow you to make an informed decision before purchasing…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Education on the Road

Homeschooling on the Road Although most people don’t become full-time RVers until after the kids leave the nest, many of us choose not to wait that long. Sometimes grandparents are…