TireMinder – The #1 Award Winning Tire Pressure Monitoring System in the RV Industry

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When it comes to tire issues when out on the open road, they happen far more often than you realize. Any RV enthusiast or motorist who has had the unfortunate tire issue will tell you that you can easily incur thousands of dollars in damage and repairs if the issue isn’t detected early enough. Oftentimes, a good Samaritan is the reason a problem with your tires is even brought to your attention and, by that time, significant damage has already been done.

Don’t let that happen to you! With the TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you’ll be aware of an issue with your tires long before a good Samaritan comes along. Consequently, long before any real damage has been absorbed by your vehicle saving you money and time in the long run. Who doesn’t like saving time and money?

TireMinder RV Tire Monitoring Systems 

Introducing the TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System that features an external sensor, signal booster, and bright color monitor to ensure your tires are never unmonitored on the road again. Receive wireless alerts of any and all tire issues as soon as they arise offering you peace of mind for the road ahead.

It’s easier than ever to stay informed of tire pressure issues on your motorhome, travel trailer, or SUV thanks to this system. Once you’ve taken one trip with this monitoring system as your traveling buddy, you’ll never want to hit the road without it.

How Does the TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

 With the large color display, you receive simultaneous pressure and temperature readings and have the option to scroll through each tire position with the convenient push of a button. The signal booster ensures you’re always being delivered maximum signal strength, while external sensors constantly monitor the status of your tires as quickly as every six seconds.

 No issue detected? No worries. Readings are typically delivered every four minutes or so unless an issue arises. In that case, the display will provide both a visual and audible alarm to grab your attention, including blowout alarm, high-temperature alerts, low and high-pressure alerts, and leak alerts.

Eyes on the Road, TireMinder on the Tires

 With your eyes on the road, as they should be, and the TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System on your tires, the journey will be smoother than ever before. There’s already something relaxing about hitting the open road or taking the path less traveled, so why not take it up a level by knowing your tires are essentially monitoring themselves?

Never again find yourself being flagged down because of an issue with your tires. Save on both time and money by ensuring your tires are performing to the best of their ability. When the unfortunate time comes that you find a fellow traveler along the way with a leaking tire, they know nothing about, do the right thing – give them a heads up then tell them about TireMinder.

Find out more about TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

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