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Surviving Winter in an RV and Staying Warm

With a Bit of Work You Can Make Your RV Nice and Toasty

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As anyone who RVs will tell you, winter and cold weather come with unique challenges for any RVer. In the video above, Tyler and Todd go through the necessary steps to make sure they can not only survive the cold winter months, but that they will be able to do so comfortably, or at least as comfortably as possible.  

Tyler and Todd have a unique situation because they don’t want to use their gas furnace due to moisture concerns. With this in mind, they’re doing their best to insulate their RV, and make sure they’re keeping all of the heat possible inside the RV while keeping as much cold air as possible from escaping. Then they will use alternative heating sources to keep their RV toasty warm.  

After a rough start, the guys manage to get working on making their RV as comfy as possible. They start with a unique solution for the windows, using canvas for the curtains with an insulating backing. After struggling a bit to get going and getting everything pined and sewed, they end up with some truly fantastic curtains for the RV.  

They also add some additional insulation to their RV. Anywhere there’s some cold air coming in, they make a point of adding insulation or some spray foam to close up those areas. They also added some reflective heat material underneath the bed, so that their own heat from the bed would be reflected back up towards them. In the end, it works. The guys manage to dramatically increase the temperature inside their RV.  

Near the end of the video, Tyler and Todd end up having to take one of their dogs to the vet due to a medical condition, showing that full-time RV life, really isn’t all that different from living in a typical house.  You still have those unexpected interruptions. 

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