Keep Your RV Cool and Comfortable This Summer with an RVAC Soft Starter

This Device Reduces the Power Required to Start-Up an RV Air Conditioner, Preventing Excessive Wear and Tear and Extending the Life of the Unit

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Did you know that the air conditioner in your RV requires up to seven to eight times more power when starting up than when it is actually running? Add a few electrical devices or two A/C units into the equation, and that’s enough power demand to exceed the 30-amp service at many campgrounds and certainly enough to exceed a small to medium-sized generator or inverter system when boondocking. And if you’re A/C unit can’t get the power it needs, it may not start up at all, creating a hot and uncomfortable environment inside your vehicle.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. An RVAC Solutions Soft Starter can lower the initial power draw of an air conditioner by as much as 75%, allowing it to start reliably every time. This can save boondocking enthusiasts big bucks by getting by with a smaller generator. And even for the stationary RVers, the added benefit of freeing up power for the use of other appliances and devices—like a second A/C unit, microwave, or TV—that otherwise might be unable to operate due to a lack of available power.

RVAC AC softstarter

Photo Credit: RVAC

Installation of the soft starter is quick and easy, requiring very little time or technical experience. Once in place, the device effectively reduces the load necessary to start an A/C and brings other additional benefits. Those include preventing unexpected trips of your RV’s electrical breakers and reducing the wear and tear on the air conditioner’s motor and compressor. It also provides further electrical protection with built-in over/under voltage monitoring and over-current monitoring. An RVAC Solutions soft starter can even reduce flickering lights and the amount of noise that the AC unit makes when starting up.

An RVAC Solutions soft starter provides a gentler power-on process for any RV air conditioner, which can lower maintenance costs and significantly extend the life of the AC unit. To find out more about this device and what it can do for your motorhome or travel trailer, visit the RVAC website. But you may want to hurry; the dog days of summer are nearly upon us.

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