Earth Traveler Teardrops Makes Some of the Lightest Trailers on the Planet

The Company Offers a Carbon Fiber Towable that Weighs Just 250 Pounds

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Earth Traveler

Time and time again, it has been proven that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Such was the case for Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers, which launched after its founder went on a camping trip in New Mexico back in 2014. During that trip, artist and sculptor Angel Irlanda became frustrated with staying in a tent, and after returning home, he went in search of a lightweight travel trailer he could pull behind his tiny Fiat 500.

With a towing capacity of just 1700 pounds, there weren’t a lot of options to choose from. But rather than give up altogether, Irlanda decided to design one himself. His prototype was made from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and a structural material called Core-Cell. These materials achieved the goal of creating a lightweight towable, but they were also prohibitively expensive to work with. That put Angel’s preliminary design out of reach for the customer he was trying to reach.

With the help of the brilliant minds at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and a new modular design, Irlanda went back to the drawing board. His next idea was to use less expensive materials for the non-structural parts of the camper and avoid using any unnecessary components that would add additional weight. This approach proved successful, creating a teardrop trailer that was both exceptionally light and more affordable. After that, he launched Earth Traveler in 2017 and has been building campers ever since.

Earth Traveler teardrops

Photo Credit: Earth Traveler

Lightweight Towables

Now based in Santa Fe, NM, Earth Traveler has earned itself a reputation for creating highly innovative teardrop trailers. Since its inception, the company has pushed the envelope in terms of design, always focused on creating a lightweight camper that can be towed behind any vehicle. That includes EVs, compact cars, and even motorcycles.

Today, the company sells two campers—the 250-pound T250 LX and the slightly heavier T300, which tips the scales at 400 pounds. Both models share the same unibody design and aerodynamic shape, with the main difference being the materials used in their construction. The T250 LX is made from carbon fiber, while the T300 has a composite fiberglass monocoque shell. Those differences are reflected in their prices too, which start at $38,500 for the former and $24,995 for the latter.

Standard features for both models include integrated LED lighting, two side doors with privacy curtains, and plenty of onboard storage, including a spacious frunk. The ceiling and walls of the two trailers are insulated, making them viable options for cold weather outings, and a skylight allows plenty of natural light into the interior.

Earth Traveler teardrops

Photo Credit: Earth Traveler

Room for Four

While most teardrop trailers are built for two people, the T250 LX and T300 can accommodate up to four campers. The Earth Traveler towables are made with families in mind, meaning they can comfortably sleep two adults and two children. Both models come with slide-out sidewalls equipped with custom cots and a weatherproof tent. Those spaces expand the sleeping area, creating more useable space compared to other travel trailers of this size.

The interior space is further expanded thanks to a clever pop-up roof design. This gives both models a more open, airy feel that isn’t common in a teardrop. An optional add-on tent provides protection from the elements, making this tiny towable feel less claustrophobic. As a result, owners feel less confined, especially when forced to spend time inside their Earth Traveler trailer during inclement weather.

Other optional upgrades include tents for the rear pop-up space and the sides of the trailers. This extends the living area further, creating more usable space in and around the camper. Earth Traveler also offers an awning, a foldable table, propane storage, and enhanced interior lighting as add-ons. Owners can even get a factory-installed flexible solar panel and battery for onboard power.

Earth Traveler teardrops

Photo Credit: Earth Traveler

Handmade for Each Customer

The Earth Traveler team takes great pride in the fact that each of its trailers are handmade to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company uses a semi-modular design that allows for flexibility in the floorplan while maintaining a high level of quality throughout the build process. In other words, this isn’t a mass-produced teardrop that rolls off the assembly line in an automated fashion. Instead, it is a carefully crafted travel trailer made with precision and care.

Best of all, these teardrops are made for anyone who wants to get outside, go on some adventures, and reconnect with nature. Because the trailers are so light, owners don’t need a massive truck or SUV to tow them around. They are also easy to maintain, surprisingly spacious and comfortable, and allow for plenty of personalization and customization. And since the two towables are made from durable materials, they resist weathering and wear exceptionally well, ensuring they’ll be constant travel companions for many years to come.

For more information on Earth Traveler and the T250 LX and T300 teardrop trailers, visit the company’s website. There, you’ll find a complete list of specs, details on all of the upgrades and options, add-ons, and much more.

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