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  7. Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together
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  7. Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together
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Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

How Working Out with Your Significant Other Can Help Make Your Relationship Work

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My husband, James, and I bought our first RV on a whim. We didn’t know anything about RVs before that—they weren’t even a blip on our radar. At the time, we enjoyed spending our weekends participating in bicycling events.

If you’ve ever done any sort of endurance event, like a 5K or a Gran Fondo (long-distance bicycle race), you know how they go. You get up ridiculously early in the morning and grab a to-go coffee at the first drive-through you pass. Then head to the event start, which is never located nearby.

By the time you arrive, your coffee has kicked in and you make a beeline for the porta potties, only to find the long lines of others whose coffee also just kicked in. It was while standing in one of these soul-crushing porta-potty lines on a frigid morning when the whole scheme to purchase a used RV was hatched. It wasn’t about the RV at all. We just wanted our own bathroom!

More Than Just a Bathroom
Fast-forward ten years later, and here we are just starting out in our third RV. We still attend bicycling events, but we immediately learned RVing is so much more than a rolling bathroom.

Having an RV opened up unique possibilities of things we could go do together, beyond just bicycling like hiking in mountains across the country, paddling in lakes where we can camp right on the shore, or even just working out together surrounded by the most beautiful scenery we ever imagined.

Marriage-Changing Adventures

Our adventures since we started RVing have not only changed our lives, but also our marriage. We’re more synced as a couple. We’ve grown tighter and just downright happier.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t credit the RV itself for strengthening our bond. Sure, it’s been a catalyst, but the credit goes to the adventures we’ve had on our RV trips, the things we’ve done outside the RV. Each sweaty, wonderful, physically challenging activity we tackle together acts like marital glue. Our shared experiences create bonds.

The fitRV Bike Ride

Stefany and James enjoy riding bikes together wherever their RV adventures take them. (Photo from fitRV)

And that’s certainly not unique just to James and me. Shared experiences, especially physically challenging ones, create bonds for anyone. Research backs me up on this.

Studies have shown that couples who try new experiences and go on adventures together—particularly active ones—have happier relationships. It’s that “active” bit James and I are especially good at. While bicycling is our main pursuit, we’ll take anything outdoorsy and active, even good old-fashioned workouts together right at the campground.

Strike a Balance

Not all couples share an interest in the same physical activities, and that’s okay, too. It’s not a requirement for a good relationship. Relationships don’t only grow from the things we do together, they also grow from the ways we are separate. That’s something I’ve learned from my marriage.


Sometimes we need the time apart so we can give attention to our own interests and honor our own individuality. It’s a balance act. That balance is one of the keys to making a relationship flourish. You find things you love to do alone and find things you love to do together.

So, in honor of both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, my hope is that you’ll share in some sweaty outdoor pursuits with your loved one on your next RV trips, even if it’s not your RVing normal.

You’ll get outside your bubble, do something healthy for your body, and even build up a little of that marital glue for yourselves, too. Who knows, perhaps working out with your sweetie will be just what the (love) doctor ordered.

For more RV-friendly workouts and healthy RVing inspiration, check out The fitRV YouTube Channel.

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