Survey Shows RVers Eager to Travel, But Will Stay Closer to Home in 2022

High Gas Prices will Limit the Distance—But Not the Duration—of Travel

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Despite record-high gas prices, RVers are eager to go camping this year—although many say they will stay closer to home. Those are the findings of a recent survey taken by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which published the results in the April edition of its monthly report.

According to KOA’s research, 38% of RVers who haven’t traveled over the past year say they will take a trip “no matter what” in 2022. Another 38% say they plan to travel even if gas prices continue to go up. Only 6% of survey respondents indicated that they would travel less this year, while 2% don’t plan to travel at all.

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Record-high fuel costs will impact how RVers travel in the months ahead, with 32% choosing to camp closer to home in 2022. A quarter of survey respondents said that they will take fewer trips due to the high prices at the pump but will stay for a longer duration. Meanwhile, 24% indicated that they will reduce the number of trips they take, while 29% say the spike in gas prices will not cause them to alter their camping plans.

After two years of record-breaking sales across the RV industry, KOA found reasons for manufacturers to remain optimistic. The company revealed that nearly half of non-RVers who took part in the survey expressed interest in purchasing an RV of some kind. On the other hand, only one-in-ten currently active RVers said they are considering selling their campers.

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“It’s encouraging that even with gas prices reaching record highs, many campers are still planning to get out and explore,” said Whitney Scott, chief marketing officer for KOA, said in a press release. “The flexibility of camping is a real advantage to travelers; by choosing destinations nearby or altering road trip stops, a camping trip can mitigate fuel costs in ways other types of travel cannot.”

For further insights into RV camping trends, read the full report on the KOA website.

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