Some National Parks are Requiring Masks Again

Visitors Must Wear a Mask on Public Transportation and in Some Buildings

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A spike in COVID-19 cases has prompted the return of mask mandates in some of America’s national parks. With the virus once again cropping up around the country, the National Park Service (NPS) is tightening its requirements and restrictions in an effort to keep visitors safe and healthy.

As it has throughout the pandemic, the NPS requires visitors to wear masks while using public transportation in all national parks regardless of their vaccination status. Additionally, anyone visiting the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yosemite, or Yellowstone National Parks is currently required to wear masks while inside any building. That includes visitor centers, stores, restaurants, lodges, and other facilities.

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Image Courtesy of Jun/Getty

According to the NPS’s COVID-19 page, the organization updates its policies based on current Center for Disease Control guidance and the CDC’s Community Level tool. The tool offers a snapshot of the current state of COVID in any county across the US and is helpful for understanding the potential risks and regulations for a destination you might be visiting while traveling.

If visiting a national park is on your agenda in the coming months, check out the NPS website for updates before you go. Specific requirements will likely continue to vary on a park-by-park basis for the foreseeable future, with policies and restrictions changing regularly. Understanding the potential limits ahead of time will help RVers avoid any surprises and travel safer as a result.

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