Here’s How to Track the 2021 Fall Foliage Leaf Changes in Real-Time

Plan a leaf peeping tour during peak season using a data-based guided map.

Image Caption: Image by Emily and Mark Fagan

RVers planning to travel during peak leaf changes are in luck thanks to the 2021 Fall Foliage Map provided by Leaf peeping continues to gain popularity and, with this annual map as a guide, scheduling the timing and route of your trip is easier than ever.

Using an algorithm compiled from data – such as forecast precipitation and historical temperatures – the map can predict when trees around the country will reach their peak viewing status. Furthermore, the predictions are narrowed down county-by-county allowing fall enthusiasts to see them on a week-by-week basis. Doing so provides a color-coded opportunity to plan the perfect road trip.

In an effort to remain as accurate as possible, the website offered a mid-season update for later peaking regions in mid-September. While no tool can be 100% accurate, this map and the update are intended to help travelers time their excursions for the best chance at catching sight of all the enticing colors.

David Angotti, statistical expert and company founder, recently informed Travel + Leisure the ultimate goal for “this data-based, interactive tool will increase the number of people that are able to enjoy peak fall in 2021.” Whether it’s a family road trip or a hunt for the perfect photo op, using this guide will make easy work of tracking the fall foliage leaf changes in real-time.

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