EV Charging Stations are Coming to Every Colorado State Park

Level 2 Chargers will be Installed and Maintained by Electric-Truck Manufacturer Rivian

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Rivian

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is joining forces with electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian to bring EV charging stations to every state park. Last month, the CPW unanimously approved the partnership with the first chargers expected to go online by July. The goal is to eliminate the range anxiety that comes with driving an EV to a remote location by offering fast recharging at the trailhead.

Since it first introduced its rugged electric vehicles in 2018, Rivian has promised to build a charging station network near outdoor destinations. The partnership with the CPW is the first step towards making that happen, with chargers scheduled for installation at 50 Colorado locations, including all 42 state parks.

EV charging stations Colorado

Image Courtesy of Rivian

The charging stations will be compatible with every electric vehicle sold in the US—not just Rivian models. The Level 2 chargers will be capable of supplying up to 240-volts of power, which is enough to add as much as 80 miles of range per hour, depending on the EV model. While that isn’t as fast as a Level 3 chargers that are becoming more common, these stations should provide a steady current capable of recharging most vehicles within a few hours. In theory, EV owners can arrive at the park, plug in their car, and go for a hike. When they return, their batteries should be replenished and ready for the next leg of their journey.

Rivian isn’t just overseeing the installation of the charging stations; it is paying for them too. The automaker will cover the costs of the chargers and is committed to supporting and maintaining them for 25 years. That means no taxpayer dollars are being spent on this project, although the CPW will cover the cost of electricity. The organization will also pocket any revenue generated from the use of the stations.

As EVs continue to grow in popularity, additional charging stations will likely be installed in state and national parks across the country. After all, electric vehicles produce zero emissions and are much quieter than a traditional model, making them perfect for use in fragile outdoor spaces.

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