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  7. RV Décor Ideas for Valentine’s Day
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  7. RV Décor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

RV Décor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Simple Ways to Add Sweetness to Your RV Interior

Image Caption: Image: Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day usually brings to mind sweetly signed cards, bouquets of roses, and boxes of mystery chocolate. But, the mid-Winter holiday has not always been about sweethearts and sweet treats. In fact, the origins of the socially celebrated holiday are hardly romantic. Notwithstanding the day’s pagan beginnings or ties to Catholic martyrdom, Valentine’s Day’s romantic associations are what endure.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, poetic literary greats like Chaucer and Shakespeare idealized the February 14 celebration in their works, elevating the day’s union with coupling and courtship. Since then, the romantic reputation has stuck and we continue to recognize February 14 as a day to luxuriate in romantic love.

However, for some February 14 can feel daunting, taunting us with expectations of dinner reservations and grand gestures of romanticism. For others, it’s a playful day dedicated to sweet surprises and fun personal traditions celebrating the ones you love.

No matter how you feel about the commercial holiday, don’t hesitate to make the day your own. You need no one’s permission to transform the event into your own festival of love: for your partner, your pet, your plants, your camper, your kids, your coffee machine, or anything else that brings you joy.

With the holidays far in the rear-view mirror, it’s might feel good to get festive again with fresh seasonal decor. Spruce up your RV interior with these simple but joyful ideas for playful Valentine’s Day decoration.

Create a Locally Sourced Bouquet

Red roses have long been associated with Valentine’s Day, but don’t let the popularity of roses overshadow the option for other beautiful bouquets. Support a local small business flower shop and purchase a unique bouquet composed of local flora.

If you’re exchanging gifts for Valentine’s Day, consider gifting a living plant that will grow and bloom for more than just the week. A living plant inside an RV helps purify the air and makes for a natural and calming piece of permanent décor.

Loving Couple with Camper and Flowers

Image: Shutterstock

Create Romantic Lighting

Stock lighting in RV’s are typically optimized for output not ambience. Create your own warm and romantic environment with alternative lighting. Try LED candles, which emit a soft flickering glow without the fire hazard. Warm white Christmas lights won’t feel out of place when roped around a plant or draped above the bed.

For a fun and seasonal flare, install peel-and-stick LED lights with Red-Green-Blue (RGB) bulbs. These color changing lights can create hues of pink, magenta, and purple.

Pink LED lighting

Pink LED rope lighting. Image: Shutterstock

Fashion a Valentine Card Garland

Exchanging cards and written affectations of love is a Valentine’s Day tradition. The practice dates back to the original story of Saint Valentine who supposedly signed his secret letters “Your Valentine.”

If exchanging Valentine’s cards is part of your tradition, integrate the cards into your RV décor. String the loving puns and pleasantries up on display. Having the words visible is a heartwarming reminder of the important things in life.

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards. Image: Shutterstock

Start a Jar of Gratitude

Gratitude is usually associated with Thanksgiving and the month of November, but you shouldn’t limit this practice to just one month a year. The benefits of practicing gratitude are far-reaching. A Harvard Health research paper purports that “Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Using any empty container, like a coffee can or mason jar, start a jar of gratitude in the month of February. Decorate it if you wish with hearts, stickers, tape, or whatever you have on hand. As you experience gratitude, be they for things, people, places, or moments, write them down and drop them in the jar. On February 14, sit down with your loved ones or partner and read them together.

Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar. Image: Shutterstock

Interchange Your RV Décor Accessories

Small spaces like RV’s can feel cramped with too many extra items and oddities. It can feel difficult to decorate an RV without creeping toward clutter. Avoid this common conundrum by switching out everyday items every few months.

Instead of stuffing your RV couch with decorative pillows, swap out one pillow for the season. Exchange everyday RV décor for themed ones, like tea towels, placemats, or artwork.

Purchase a letterboard and create sweet messages of love and laughter that you can change out each day.


Leave loving messages on a customizable letteboard. Image: Shutterstock

Treat Jar

Treat yourself and your loved ones to something sweet. Make a treat jar for the kids, dogs, or your sweetie. Fill it with their favorite indulgence like chocolate, dog bones, or beef jerky. Keep it on the kitchen counter or in the living room of your RV for everyone to enjoy at leisure.

Jar RV Storage

Jar RV Storage. Image: Shutterstock

Customize Your Campsite

Introduce yourself to the campground and get to know your neighbors with a custom campsite sign.

Popular among full-timers and seasonal snowbirds, a custom placard hung from your fifth wheel hitch, or posted at your camp’s patio puts your love for road life on full display.

Whether you’re a full-time family, traveling couple, or roaming solo, a unique placard is a great way to make friends and show your own personal style with one-of-a-kind RV décor.

Happy Campers Live Here Sign.

Happy Campers Live Here Sign. Image: Camping World

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