A Harvest Hosts Journey Creates Unforgettable Experiences and Amazing Connections

Leave the Ordinary Campground Behind and Park Your RV at Exceptional Locations Like Museums, Golf Courses, Wineries, Ranches, and Farms

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts

harvest hosts

Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts

At a time when campgrounds are becoming increasingly more crowded and harder to book, Harvest Hosts offers an intriguing alternative. The membership-based service provides RV owners with a host of unique and surprising places to park their rigs, creating unforgettable experiences and unexpected connections they may have otherwise missed.

For over a decade, Harvest Hosts has connected RVers with local businesses and landowners across North America. The service allows members to book a stay at places that usually wouldn’t be accessible, including farms and ranches, wineries and distilleries, museums, golf courses, and many other amazing locations.

But camping at these sites is just the beginning. Each location offers its own unique experiences and opportunities for adventure, too. For instance, travelers can stay on working family ranches in Montana and Idaho, wineries in Sonoma and Napa, California, or a car museum and wildlife sanctuary in southern Florida. The options are practically endless, and unlike anything you’ll find at a traditional campground.

What sets Harvest Hosts apart is the opportunity it provides to connect with new people while traveling. RV parks are wonderful, of course, but there is always an element of uncertainty about whether you’ll talk to anyone while you’re there. With Harvest Hosts, that worry vanishes. Every stay brings the chance to meet fascinating people—whether it’s a farmer sharing their wisdom or a museum curator passionately telling the stories behind vintage cars. These connections make each visit a memorable and enriching experience.

Harvest Hosts

Photo Credit: Twisted Vine Family Vineyard

The program also saves members money for other bucket-list destinations and activities. Instead of spending on costly accommodations or crowded campgrounds, RVers can invest in the one-of-a-kind experiences offered by Host locations. Those often result in memories that last a lifetime and connections that continue long after you’ve gone home. The service also helps support the local businesses and artisans who generously offer their time and locations to visitors.

Best of all, Harvest Hosts gives travelers a reason to slow down and enjoy the journey. Too often, we’re overly concerned about reaching a destination without taking time to take in the scenery or truly connect with the people we meet along the way. A Harvest Hosts membership encourages more meaningful, experiential travel that delivers rewards that can be incredibly enriching on a personal level.

To learn more about the program, its membership benefits, and the more than 4,500 Host locations, visit the Harvest Hosts website.

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