Video: SeaDek RV Step Treads are Built for Camping Adventures

The Company's Exceptional Products Bring Improved Traction and Comfort to Your Motorhome or Travel Trailer

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For nearly 40 years, SeaDek has been delivering high-quality flooring designed for use in the marine industry. The company offers OEM and aftermarket options that provide outstanding traction and exceptional comfort in a product that is both easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. As it turns out, those same products are perfect for the RV space, greatly enhancing life in a motorhome or travel trailer, too.

SeaDek’s most popular RV product is its RV Step Treads. Sold as individual pieces or up to a four-piece set, these kits include high-quality step treads designed to adhere to the surface of the stairs that lead in and out of your vehicle. Made from durable PE/EVA blended foam, the treads enhance traction, significantly improving safety as a result. The rugged material is also built to survive in the outdoors while providing outstanding shock absorption and reducing noise. They also happen to look great, too, further enhancing your RV’s appearance. In addition, SeaDek offers matching throw mats to further enhance your camping experience!

Made specifically with do-it-yourselfers in mind, SeaDek step treads are quick and easy to install. Simply measure the size of the step and cut the material to fit the available space. Then, peel the paper backing off the tread and carefully stick it into place. When the process is completed, the stairs leading into your RV take on a decidedly upscale look while improving traction and cushioning. The Step Treads are even available in a variety of colors and patterns.

SeaDek RV Step Treads

Photo Credit: SeaDek

Of course, SeaDek is best known for its outstanding flooring, which has been a mainstay in the marine industry for decades. Everything that makes these products perfect for use on boats also holds true for motorhomes and travel trailers. The no-slip surface provides better stability, comfort, and reduces fatigue, thanks to its shock-absorbing properties.

SeaDek’s mission has always been about connecting people with the activities they love and helping them get the most out of their boat or RV. The company’s products are made from the finest materials and are durable enough to last for years. The enhancements these products bring to your motorhome or travel trailer are a real game changer in terms of aesthetics and the upgrades they bring to your quality of life while on the road.

To learn more about SeaDek and its entire line of RV Step Treads, throw mats, and flooring products, visit

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