Video: How TireMinder and Apple CarPlay Make RV Travel Safer

CarPlay compatibility provides access to the TPMS from your vehicle’s infotainment system

Image Caption: Photo Credit: TireMinder

How do you make an already great tire pressure monitoring system even better? By adding support for Apple CarPlay, of course! That’s a key feature of TireMinder TPMS devices, allowing RVers to monitor the current status of their tires not only from their iPhones but the infotainment system in their vehicles.

In the video above, TireMinder joins forces with the TryNSomethingNew crew to extol the virtues of TPMS via CarPlay. The adventurous family of five lives and travels full-time in a 45-foot fifth-wheel. Considering the tow vehicle and trailer have a combined total of 12 tires, keeping an eye on the current state of those tires is essential.

The YouTube clip demonstrates just how easy it is to monitor your tires using Apple CarPlay. The TireMinder app appears on the tow vehicle’s infotainment system just as it would on a user’s smartphone. Tapping the app icon launches the program, which begins displaying the current tire pressure and temperature almost instantly.

TireMinder CarPlay

Photo Credit: TireMinder

TireMinder’s TPMS systems work by installing sensors on the valve stems of the individual tires of a vehicle or trailer. Those sensors wirelessly transmit the current PSI and temperature of the tires to a dedicated receiver or a smartphone. Users can give each transmitter a name to designate which tire it is monitoring and can even indicate whether they’re on the tow vehicle or the trailer. When that information is displayed in CarPlay, the driver can easily switch between the two options simply by touching a button.

The advantages of using CarPlay don’t end there. Having the information displayed on a large infotainment screen makes it easier to read at a glance and eliminates the need to mount a secondary display in the cab. And with most vehicle manufacturers now offering CarPlay as a standard feature, TireMinder’s TPMS devices are incredibly easy to install and set up.

To learn more about TireMinder and its line of TPMS units, visit the company’s website.

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