Video: Choosing the Right TPMS for Your RV

TireMinder Helps You Choose the Best Tire Pressure Monitoring Device for Your Rig

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We all know that a reliable tire pressure monitoring system is an excellent addition to any RV. A TPMS dramatically improves safety by continually monitoring each tire’s current temperature and air pressure and alerting drivers should those conditions become dangerous. These systems also enhance fuel efficiency by ensuring owners maintain proper inflation levels at all times.

RVers also know that TireMinder makes the best TPMS devices in the industry, offering easy installation and outstanding reliability. The company has an array of sophisticated systems to choose from, with options for tow vehicles, motorhomes, and towables alike. But which of those products works best for you? The video above can help you decide.

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The two-minute video clip takes all of the complexity out of the TireMinder line-up, giving viewers an easy-to-understand guide for these devices. For instance, the popular I10 model includes a multifunctional color display with an adjustable mount that makes it easy to monitor current tire conditions at all times. Alternatively, the Smart TPMS system sends the same data to your smartphone and offers Apple CarPlay compatibility—complete with AI-powered voice alerts—for infotainment systems that support that technology.

Both kits include TireMinder’s Rhino signal booster to maintain a consistently strong signal to each tire sensor. RVers can even choose between flow-through or standard transmitters to make adding air to their tires as quick and easy as possible. The TPMS devices are backed with a three-year warranty and lifetime customer support and are included in the company’s free battery replacement program.

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Photo Credit: TireMinder

Check out the video above to see how TireMinder TPMS units can improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicles. Then, visit the company’s website to learn more about these essential products.

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