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RVibrake3 Is a Flat Towing Braking System Designed for You

Worry About Your Toad No Longer

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Having a large motorhome comes with many advantages. However, there are some downsides. One of the most notable, the fact that the vehicle is simply too large to go places regular vehicles have no problem going. This leads a lot of people to tow a toad behind their motorhome. 

While it’s a fantastic solution in most respects, it presents some unique challenges when going down the road. RVi is here to solve these issues. The company pioneered the flat tow braking industry in the 1990s. Since then it has been innovating and improving its technology, and today RVi has the latest iteration called the RVibrake3

RVibrake3 takes everything to the next level. It’s the smallest and the easiest to use auxiliary braking system for flat towing a car behind a motorhome out there. This compact size helps make the RVibrake3 easy to install, remove, and store when not in use. 

Setting up the system is extremely easy. RVi has a one-touch auto-positioning system. This system also comes with audio-prompts and alerts that ensure you’ve installed the system correctly on your flat tow vehicle. The simple interface has a single button. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Routinely, motorhome drivers worry about brakes on a toad operating when they don’t need to. This is an understandable fear, but RVibrake3 has a solution called brake lock detection. This detection system lets you know when the brakes are being applied in the toad vehicle when they shouldn’t be. There’s also a system to help ensure your vehicle comes to a complete stop in the event of catastrophic hitch failure. 

At the heart of the system is the command center tablet and hub. This provides you with a simple, easy to use readout and allows you to select items like brake type, brake pressure, and sensitivity. It also monitors braking pressure in real-time and will tell you if there’s a breakaway detected. It is the lynchpin of the overall system and eliminates the need for special antennas or any additional system.

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