Travel Smarter and Safer with a TireMinder TPMS

The Company’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a Must-Have for RVs

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost safety out on the road, look no further than the TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The recipient of numerous industry awards, this easy-to-install device provides real-time monitoring of the health of your tires, alerting you to potential issues before they become major problems. Best of all, the TPMS adapts to whatever type of rig you’re driving, with options for everything from Class A diesel pushers and camper vans to large fifth-wheels and their tow vehicles.

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Installing the TPMS is simple. The system comes with a set of sensors that screw onto the valve stems of any tire. Once in place, the sensors wirelessly transmit the current pressure levels of each individual tire to a digital display placed in the cab of the vehicle. This allows the driver to closely monitor the current condition of each tire, avoiding dangerous blowouts and catastrophic failures. The system can even provide audible alerts if the tire begins to overheat, allowing drivers to avert disaster by moving safely to the side of the road.

Due to its versatility and ease of use, TireMinder’s I10 model is a popular option for RVers. The unit can monitor up to 20 fires simultaneously, or 40 in total, across four different vehicles. When in use, the digital display even automatically switches between the tow vehicle and the towable. It is extremely accurate, too, varying just +/-1 PSI.

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TireMinder offers the I10 in three different kits that include four, six, or ten sensors in the box. Additional sensors can be purchased separately as needed, and the company offers valve extenders for use on non-standard or hard-to-reach tires. In other words, if it has wheels, the TPMS will probably work with it.

For RV owners, there are many reasons why a TPMS makes good sense. Not only does it improve safety while driving, but it can also help you monitor your rig’s tire pressure at all times. Keeping your tires properly inflated improves gas mileage and reduces wear, greatly extending the life of the tires. That alone helps the system pay for itself over time.

TireMinder RV Air Compressor

Photo Credit: TireMinder

For more information on TireMinder and its range of products—which not only include TPMS devices but also tire gauges and an RV air compressor—visit the company’s website.

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