Tow Anything with a Fastway Flash Five Ball Mount

Fastway Can Make Towing Any Trailer Easier and More Secure

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Flashway

At Fastway Trailer Products, the goal has always been to make towing a trailer as safe and straightforward as possible. The company engineers its equipment to ensure that RVers spend less time hooking up their campers and more time enjoying themselves at the campsite. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the company’s Flash Five line of ball mounts, which help take the guesswork out of choosing the right mount for your needs.

Flashway ball mount

Image Courtesy of Flashway

As the name implies, the Flash family of ball mounts includes five basic options, with a few variations on the designs. Most of the mounts are made from corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum, which improves durability without adding unnecessary bulk. Fastway has also given these models a high degree of versatility, making them good options for pulling a wide variety of trailers.

The entry-level model is the Flash Simple, which is designed for use by contractors, boaters, and ATV owners. Next is the Flash Scale, which incorporates a mechanical spring into the design that shows the amount of weight currently on the hitch. This makes it a good option for most travel trailers and provides a better sense of safety on the road.

With its dual integrated locking pins in the ball holder and the shank, the Flash Secure offers improved theft deterrence, while the Flash Silent uses anti-rattle technology to provide the quietest hitch on the road. Finally, the Flash Steel upgrades from aluminum to forged steel for even better durability and towing weights. This makes it an excellent choice for use with larger travel trailers and heavier loads.

Pricing varies by model, receiver size, and style (chrome versus stainless steel). Visit the Fastway website for further details.

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