This RV Air Conditioner Soft Starter is Smaller, Smarter, and Waterproof

SoftStartUSAShrinks Soft Starter Technology to Fit Where Others Can’t

Image Caption: Photo Credit: SoftStartUSA

One thing that has kept some RVers from installing soft starters to their rooftop air conditioners has been their large size. Many are simply too big to fit under the A/C cover.

SoftStartUSA now offers the most compact SoftStartRV™Advanced Soft Starter that is over 52% smaller than the original RV A/C soft starters. It fits under the lowest profile A/C covers and delivers the same high-quality performance of many larger models.

SoftStartRV air conditioner soft starter

Photo Credit: SoftStartUSA

Big Soft Starter Functionality in the Smallest Package

This advance in soft starters exemplifies SoftStartUSA’s commitment to offering smart solutions that keep RVers as comfortable as possible no matter where they go.

“When wedging a component into an already cramped space – such as inside a rooftop A/C unit – the reduced size of the latest SoftStartRV is a big change,” said Doug Curtis, co-founder of SoftStartUSA. “It’s 52% smaller than many RV A/C soft starters, which means it will fit any RV A/C unit. This engineering improvement virtually eliminates one of the biggest challenges to adding a soft starter to an RV air conditioner,” Curtis continued.

How a SoftStartRV Makes RV Life Better

A SoftStartRV unit on each RV air conditioner enables RVers to start and run two A/Cs on a 30-amp hookup or a generator. It also lets RVers start and run one air conditioner on a small 2,200-watt generator. SoftStartRV even lets RVers run an air conditioner from batteries with the proper setup.

Quieter A/C start-ups and more power to start other appliances are two other big benefits a SoftStartRV soft starter offers. The A/C will no longer shudder when it starts, the lights won’t dim, and it won’t wake you out of a sleep. Because it greatly reduces the power needed to start an A/C unit, the SoftStartRV lets people keep more electrical appliances running simultaneously. It also lets RVers stay comfortable with limited generator or 120V AC household power.

SoftStartRV air conditioner soft starter

Photo Credit: SoftStartUSA

Waterproof Protection Against the Elements

Along with the most compact size, SoftStartRV achieved another groundbreaking feature: it is now the ONLY soft-start device that is 100% waterproof. Seasoned RVers who realize the unpredictability of weather know the value of this feature. Under attack by relentless rain, heavy snow, or gusty winds, the SoftStartRV is resilient, ensuring that no water gets into the device.

This feature really stands out when sitting in your A/C unit. While this area is typically dry and protected, a clogged drain or malfunctioning pump can quickly allow moisture to fill the reservoir tray. This can partially submerge any soft start device in water, making SoftStartRV’s 100% waterproof feature that much more valuable.

SoftStartRV air conditioner soft starter

Photo Credit: SoftStartUSA

Extended 3-Year Warranty Guarantees Lasting Performance

To assure customers of premium performance, SoftStartUSA offers a standard 1-year warranty, and then extends it for 2 more years with online registration of the SoftStartRV product.

Learn More About SoftStartRV A/C Startup Technology

To learn more about SoftStartRV products, please go to SoftStartRV is a product of SoftStartUSA, an industry leader in RV and home power management products.

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