This Might be the Most Compact Composting Toilet Ever

The Cuddy is a Small and Efficient Commode that’s with Some Big Features

Image Caption: Photo Credit: CompoCloset

Composting toilets have been a staple in the RV community for years, particularly in smaller motorhomes, trailers, and camper vans. These commodes are an excellent alternative to other models, which often use lots of water or chemicals to treat human waste. With a composting toilet, that waste breaks down using aerobic bacteria and carbon-rich organic materials like wood shavings or mulch. In addition to requiring less water and energy, they require very little maintenance and are better for the environment.

As with any product, there are some disadvantages to using these types of toilets. One of the most notable issues is that composting models usually require a vent to be added to a vehicle that allows odors to escape. But the founders of a company called CompoCloset didn’t like the idea of cutting a hole in the side of their camper van, so they went looking for another option. Unable to find a viable alternative, they decided to design their own instead.

CompoCloset Cuddy

Photo Credit: CompoCloset

The CompoCloset Cuddy has several features that help it stand out from the competition. For instance, it uses a 12-volt electrical socket to power an onboard carbon filter, eliminating odors. That system is so efficient that it does away with the need for an external vent all together.

Additionally, the Cuddy is the first composting toilet to include a telescoping agitator arm paired with a removable solids bin. This dramatically improves the composting process and makes clean-up easier too. The unit even has a locking liquids bottle, which makes emptying the tank easier and cleaner than most other models.

CompoCloset Cuddy

Photo Credit: CompoCloset

In terms of size, the Cuddy measures 16.3” x 15.1” x 16.8” and weighs just 21 pounds. This allows it to fit into tiny places or stash away in a storage space until it is needed. The toilet is available to purchase on the CompoCloset website for $720.

Check out the video above to learn more about this compact commode and all of the design and engineering that went into it.

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