These Clever Magnetic Plates and Bowls Will Help Keep Your RV Organized

The Innovative Dinnerware Makes Mealtime While Camping More Convenient and Less Wasteful

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Full Windsor

A few years back, a company called Full Windsor introduced a set of magnetic flatware that proved to be a hit with RVers, overlanders, and backpackers. The collection of knives, forks, and spoons used magnets to neatly stack together, keeping everything tidy and well organized. Now, the company is back and taking the concept to the next level by introducing its Magware 2.0 line of magnetic bowls and plates.

Full Windsor Magware

Photo Credit: Full Windsor

Like the Full Windsor line of cutlery, the bowls and plates are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and have magnets integrated into their design. This allows them to stay neatly stacked while riding in a cupboard, storage container, or backpack. It also prevents them from rattling around, maintaining a quieter environment inside an RV, camper van, or overlanding vehicle.

Because the bowls and plates are made from metal, they aren’t as fragile as porcelain dinnerware or as wasteful as paper plates. The stainless steel also gives the products solid weight, preventing them from getting blown around at the campsite. The powerful magnets allow any number of bowls and plates to securely stack with one another, too, which helps to keep everything well organized.

Full Windsor Magware

Photo Credit: Full Windsor

The magnets themselves are located inside tabs found along the sides of the bowls and plates. Those tabs have integrated silicon spacers that protect from scratches but don’t inhibit magnetism in any way. This allows the dinnerware to securely snap together when stacked. Those same tabs also connect to Full Windsor’s magnetic flatware, keeping knives, forks, and spoons locked firmly in place.

Full Windsor launched its new line of dinnerware on Kickstarter, allowing campers and backpackers to preorder the bowls and plates before their November 2023 release. Contributing to the Kickstarter campaign ensures these products go into production—the company has already reached its crowdfunding goal—and gives backers a substantial discount off the retail price. Preordering can save anywhere from 15%-38%, depending on the package selected.

Full Windsor Magware

Photo Credit: Full Windsor

To find out more about the Magware 2.0 bowls, plates, and cutlery sets, visit the official Kickstarter page. There, you’ll get a chance to see Full Windsor’s clever design in action and preorder a set of the dinnerware for yourself.

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