The Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System Makes Towing Easier and Safer

This Innovative Hitch Upgrade will Level Your Tow Vehicle and Trailer and Add Sway Control

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Even for experienced RVers, towing can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. After all, if the tow vehicle and the trailer aren’t working seamlessly with one another, the driver could have serious issues out on the road. But the Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System can take most of the hassle out of the hitching and towing process, improving stability and safety as a result.

Curt TruTrack hitch

Photo Credit: Curt

The Curt TruTrack is an innovative hitch that combines both weight distribution and sway control into a single solution. This not only speeds up the coupling process but eliminates the need for RVers to purchase a separate sway control system, saving time and money in the process. Better still, the TruTrack system is easy to install and works with a wide variety of trailer types.

The hitch comes with heavy-duty spring bars built into its design, making leveling the tow vehicle and the trailer as quick and effortless as possible. This leads to a smoother, more refined ride. And when combined with the integrated two-point or four-point sway control system, the result is better handling and safer towing, especially at highway speeds.

Curt TruTrack hitch

Photo Credit: Curt

In addition to its durable forged-steel construction, the TruTrack hitch has a host of other features. For instance, TruTrack 4P models include a tilting head, hex castle nuts, and heavy-duty brackets are all easily adjusted, allowing it to accommodate nearly any kind of trailer. The unit is also equipped with grease zerk fittings that provide continuous lubrication, reducing noise levels while driving. It even has an adjustable shank that fits 2” receivers—a 2-1/2” shank is available separately—ensuring a secure connection at all times.

The Curt TruTrack hitch is available in 2P (two-point) and 4P (four-point) models, with options for towing trailers weighing as much as 15,000 pounds. Each version shares a similar design that is easy to install and includes unique features designed to remove the frustration from the hitching and towing process. Both editions are made from corrosion-resistant heavy-duty components and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Curt TruTrack hitch

Photo Credit: Curt

For more information on these innovative hitches—including installation and pricing—visit the Curt TruTrack website.

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