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  7. Take a Test Drive in Tampa with Liquid Spring

Take a Test Drive in Tampa with Liquid Spring

Check out the Liquid Spring Smart Suspension

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How much more would you enjoy your motorhome if it handled like a small pickup and rode like sedan? Liquid Spring’s suspension is positioned as one of the best systems out there, but don’t take the company’s word for it. Take a look at this video with Izzy and MJ from Endless RVing test driving a Class A with a LiquidSpring suspension system for the first time.

A four-link adaptive suspension that uses a computer monitoring system and compressible fluid to provide the optimal ride and handling characteristics simultaneously at each wheel. It’s a “Game Changer,” “Night and Day,” whatever cliché you want to throw out there.

When someone drives a coach with Liquid Springs suspension on it, within about 90 seconds they’ll inevitably form what Liquid Springs calls “The LiquidGrin” from ear to ear as they quickly realize they’ll never go back to a coach without it. Check out the video above to see how much Izzy and MJ like it.

To learn more about Liquid Springs suspension systems, check out the company’s website. And you can always visit them in Tampa, Florida.

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