MOD Bikes Launches Five New e-Bikes at SXSW

The company’s catalog expands with a dual-battery cargo bike, a folding model, an off-road adventure bike, and more

Image Caption: Photo Credit: MOD Bikes

The annual SXSW Conference & Festival is underway in Austin, TX, this week, with countless luminaries and brands from the tech, music, and entertainment space on hand to talk shop. Among them is MOD Bikes, which has taken the opportunity to reveal several intriguing new models. The e-bike manufacturer is showing off five unique rides that expand its catalog nicely by adding enticing options for just about every type of rider.

MOD Bikes e-bikes

Photo Credit: MOD Bikes

The just-announced collection of new e-bikes includes the MOD Cargo—which features an optional dual-battery design for extended range—and the MOD City+ 3, a folding model that will fit nicely in any RV or camper van. The retro-looking MOD Easy 3 also makes its debut, oozing style and confidence no mater where you ride. Its sibling is the MOD Easy SideCar 3 has its own level of charm, adding a cool sidecare for a passenger to come along. .

The new models include an upgraded torque sensor that smoothly translates the rider’s pedal strokes into powerful—yet natural-feeling—propulsion to propel the bike forward. The 750W hub-mounted electric drive also features five new factory-configured riding modes that include Fit, Eco, Cargo, Sport, and Turbo. Set the pedal-assist level to the lowest level to get more of a workout, or jump up to Turbo for a higher performance experience. The Easy model also includes a handbrake for added control and safety.

MOD Bikes e-bikes

Photo Credit: MOD Bikes

The new e-bikes and performance features weren’t the only announcements that came out of SXSW. MOD Bikes also revealed that it is collaborating with smart helmet manufacturer Lumos to help keep riders safe on the road. The two brands have co-developed an intelligent color display that wirelessly connects to a Lumos helmet, activating the built-in turn signals and brake lights as needed. It can even automatically power down the helmet when the bike is turned off.

MOD Bikes derives its name from its modular approach to bike design. The company not only makes some of the more interesting e-bikes on the market, but it also offers owners the ability to customize their rides with a line of snap-on accessories. Those include easy-to-install front and rear baskets, locks, bags, and even a passenger seat. The accessories all seamlessly integrate with the new bike models, too.

MOD Bikes e-bikes

Photo Credit: MOD Bikes

For more information about these new e-bike models, the snap-on accessories line, and more, visit

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