LiquidSpring & “The Super Single Conversion”

A LiquidSpring upgrade adds longevity and value to any vehicle. 

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You might be asking yourself, “What in the world is a ‘Super Single Conversion,’ and what the heck does it have to do with motorhomes? Hit play on the video above to allow Dorian Hartfield of Buckstop Truckware explain.

A “Super Single Conversion” refers to the process of converting a traditional commercial, “dually” rear-wheeled chassis into a pit bull on wheels. This process involves a suspension modification/lift kit and is most often performed on class 5 truck chassis such as the Ford F550, RAM 5500, or Chevy 5500. The “Super Single” refers to the tires, as the factory’s rubber rings are swapped out for military monsters over 40” to provide greater ground clearance and a more aggressive stance. These tires are packaged with heavy-duty wheels, custom fender flares, upgraded HD bumpers, a wench, and typically a lighting package with enough lumens to seemingly cut through space and time.

LiquidSpring conversion

Photo Credit: LiquidSpring

The upgraded parts for these builds are primarily provided by two companies: Buckstop Truckware and Elevation Off Grid. Buckstop is the recognized godfather of the “Super Single Conversion,” all beginning with trucks purposed for wildland firefighting. With the growth in popularity of the “overland” style RV, Buckstop has continued to assert its dominance as a cornerstone of off-highway performance and aesthetics. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Elevation Off Grid has quickly established an outstanding reputation for building the highest quality products on the market with unparalleled craftsmanship, and between these two suppliers, there is almost no limit to how uniquely your rig can be outfitted.

As Dorian mentions in the video, what really brings these vehicles to their full potential is the foundation provided by a LiquidSpring Smart Suspension. By combining the technology of the world’s most advanced RV suspension with a more capable off-grid vehicle, you are truly maximizing your ability to “go and do.” Aside from the ride and handling enhancements, LiquidSpring also offers a jack-less, Tru-Earth® Leveling system that will allow you to comfortably enjoy any environment, regardless of the terrain or conditions. It’s 2024 – time to stop fighting the road and embrace more adventure!

LiquidSpring conversion

Photo Credit: LiquidSpring

Dynamax is currently offering a “Super Single Conversion” from the factory on its Extreme Edition Isata 5, which is available all over the country! While other OEM partners offer aftermarket upfits available on Class 5 Super C’s like the Renegade Veracruz, Jayco Seneca XT, Entegra Accolade XT, and Thor Magnitude from a handful of motorhome dealers and LiquidSpring installers across the country. These pioneers include dealerships like:

McKee RV – Perry, IA
IWS (Idaho Wrecker Service) – Boise, ID
Beaver Coach Sales – Bend, OR
DiMartini RV Sales – Grass Valley, CA (Focuses on Carrying Dynamax product from the factory rather than upfitting)

When will you get off the beaten path? Where will you be this time next year? What’s stopping you?
To learn more about LiquidSpring please visit, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And follow our partners Buckstop Truckware (@buckstoptruckware) and Elevation Off Grid (@ElevationOffGrid).

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