Video: Isn’t it Time You Upgraded to Ultra-Fab Scissor Jacks?

Replace Your Existing Stabilizing Jacks for a Better—and Safer—Camping Experience

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Everyone knows that scissor jacks play an essential role in keeping our RVs stable and level at the campsite. So why do so many vehicles ship from the factory with stabilizing jacks that are barely adequate for the job? Thankfully, Ultra-Fab offers outstanding replacement models that will transform your camping experience and make your rig safer in the process.

What makes Ultra-Fab scissor jacks different? For starters, they support up to 6,500 pounds of weight per jack, which is two to three times more than most factory-installed models. That extra capacity dramatically improves stability, eliminating that unnerving feeling that comes from the floor shifting under your feet.

Ultra-Fab scissor jacks

Photo Credit: Ultra-Fab

Ultra-Fab scissor jacks are also engineered to avoid a blowout if RV owners accidentally leave them in place when activating the tongue jack. Doing so almost always results in damage to the rear jacks, causing them to collapse under the weight. This happens so frequently that stabilizing jacks are now one of the most commonly replaced parts on any towable. That isn’t an issue with Ultra-Fab products.

Ultra-Fab’s unique design makes its jacks faster and easier to operate, too. That’s because the company uses the industry’s only double-nut design, combined with finer threads on the screw rod. The result is smoother and speedier operation, both when deploying and retracting. The jacks are even compatible with a power drill using a 5/8” socket, making it easier than ever to lock them in place. This saves RV owners a considerable amount of time at the campsite, allowing them to get settled in sooner.

Ultra-Fab scissor jacks

Photo Credit: Ultra-Fab

Perhaps most impressive of all, Ultra-Fab backs its scissor jacks with a lifetime warranty. That means in the unlikely event of a failure; the company will replace the damaged product with a completely new model, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Ultra-Fab scissor jacks are available in 24” and 30” sizes. Both are sold in singles or pairs, with a handle included with the two-pack option. To learn more about these outstanding products, visit the company’s website.

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