Garmin Announces Two New RV-Specific GPS Devices

The RV 895 and RV 1095 Have Large Tablet Displays and a Host of New Features

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Garmin

On the eve of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Garmin has announced two new GPS devices specifically designed for RVers. The two new units feature large tablet-style displays, a touchscreen interface, and a set of features designed to make driving an RV safer and more accessible.

The RV 895 and RV 1095 feature 8- and 10-inch displays, respectively. Both devices allow drivers to input the size and weight of their vehicle, which is taken into account when plotting a route to a destination. The GPS navigation system then uses Garmin’s maps to create a custom route that avoids potential obstacles, such as low-hanging bridges or tight tunnels. It can also alert drivers to sharp curves, steep grades, or other potentially dangerous road conditions.

Garmin RV 895 RV 1095

Photo Credit: Garmin

The new Garmin devices come preloaded with plenty of camping-related information. For instance, the units include a directory of campgrounds across the country, including private RV resorts, national park campsites, and public lands that allow RV camping. Integrated Tripadvisor ratings provide insight into the quality of the locations, while Foursquare data offer suggestions of things to see and do while visiting an area.

“We’re excited to offer our very best in navigation for camping enthusiasts,” in a press release Garmin’s vice president of global consumer sales Dan Bartel said. “Find the best places to stop along your route, access real-time parking and shower availability at popular travel centers, and enjoy vivid satellite map views upon arrival to easily see the best route for maneuvering your RV.”

The GPS devices include updatable maps for all of North America, encompassing the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. Both units also support Garmin Voice Assist, which allows navigating using just voice commands. They even connect to Garmin’s BC 50 wireless backup cameras and some third-party wired cameras.

Garmin RV 895 RV 1095

Photo Credit: Garmin

Other features include pairing with the Garmin Drive smartphone app (iOS/Android) for route planning and receiving updated traffic information, weather, forecasts, and gas prices. The large screens can simultaneously display navigational data, satellite views, and current weather conditions. Both devices also allow users to take and make hands-free phone calls when paired with a smartphone.

The new RV 895 and RV 1095 are available now. The smaller 8-inch model retails for $699.99, while its larger sibling sells for $899.99. Visit Garmin’s website to find out more.

Garmin Dash Cam Live

Photo Credit: Garmin

Additionally, Garmin has announced the Dash Cam Live. This camera features a video resolution of 1440p and built-in 4G LTE connectivity. That cellular connection requires a subscription plan but enables live view and video editing from a smartphone, as well as location tracking, theft alerts, and a sentry mode while parked.

The Garmin Dash Cam Live is available now and sells for $399.99. The LTE subscription is priced at $9.99 per month. Visit the Garmin website for more information.

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