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Keep Bugs Out of Your RV!

Nobody likes being bugged by insects, especially on vacation, but the nature of RVs and outdoor camping means that your vehicle attracts bugs from the first hatch of spring to…
RVs: Towables and Trailers

Lighter-Weight Fifth-Wheels

See Related Story: 12 Value-Priced Fifth-Wheel Trailers Now that you’ve decided to buy a trailer, the real fun begins: Do you opt for a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel? In…

Desert Paradise

The desert is a place people either love or hate. While few can deny the beauty of a lush forest, rolling plains or a mountain peak, the opinions of the…
RVs: Towables and Trailers

RV Review: EverGreen Element Travel Trailers

Lightweight, extremely durable and environmentally friendly — what more could anyone want from a travel trailer? Evergreen Recreational Vehicles has a new line of 24-foot Element trailers that goes above…

A Perfect Match

From the outset, matching a truck and trailer would seem an easy task; find a trailer that has the features you want and is well within the truck’s maximum tow…

Komfort Resort 239FB

For the 2010 model year, Komfort set out looking for a change of pace — a line of travel trailers with more interior space than their lengths would suggest, and…

Keystone Raptor 21FB

The first thing you’ll notice on the new Keystone Raptor 21FB is its distinctive V-nose. The enclosed A-frame means the LP-gas cylinders are hidden from sight, allowing you to take…
New RVs

The Dyna Aire DA 361

It’s always big news when a manufacturer unveils a new product. It’s even more groundbreaking when a longtime motorhome manufacturer decides to throw its hat into the towable arena. With…

Lance’s New Travel Trailer: An Exclusive Look at the 1880

When I received the call from my publisher telling me to prepare for an incoming Lance  trailer, I thought there was a mistake. A Lance camper, certainly, but a trailer?…
RVs: Towables and Trailers, Tow Vehicles

2008 North Country and 4Runner

It really is an exciting time in terms of travel-trailer floorplans. The economy is such that manufacturers are reexamining the way they design new models, recognizing that (relatively) smaller tow…