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Trailer Tires

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Watch Your Back: RV Tire-Pressure Monitors

Investing in a TPMS for trailers and fifth-wheels can reduce adverse wear and blowouts, and boost safety and fuel economy It’s easy to know when a tire is underinflated on…
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RV Tech Q&A: November 2018

Selecting Trailer Tires I currently tow a 37-foot fifth-wheel with a gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr) of about 14,000 pounds. In three years, it has had three blowouts while we…

Big-Rig Tires: Boar Wheel Rancher

A leading supplier of wheels for heavy-duty towing, Boar Wheel Company has recently reengineered its entry-level Rancher steel wheel for use on fifth-wheels and travel trailers. The Rancher wheel-and-tire package…

Tire Guardians

  Installing an aftermarket tire-pressure monitoring system on tow vehicle and trailer wheels goes a long way toward on-the-road safety and peace of mind   When getting ready to hit…
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Blown Trailer Tires

Q: I bought my 1995 Thor fifth-wheel used and it had two or three tires blow out in just the first few hundred miles, so I took it back to…
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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

See Related Story: Watch Your Back: RV Tire-Pressure Monitors Tire-pressure-monitoring systems (TPMS) are among those things we don’t normally think about until after they’re needed. Flat tires and blowouts are among…
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Basics of Trailer Tires

See Related Story: RV Tire Basics Your tires rate right up there as some of the most important hardware on your trailer. It’s incumbent on you to become somewhat of an…