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RV Electrical

The bulldog glows red indicating the power is unsafe or out of range, and the device generates an LED error message.
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Power Broker: Power Watchdog EPO Surge Protector

Hughes Autoformers’ smart surge protector circumvents electrical problems at the RV park and adds an emergency power-off feature In a world where we often find ourselves traveling and camping to…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

RV Tech Q&A: April 2019

Safety First: 30-Amp Versus 50-Amp I live on the outskirts of Pensacola, Florida, and there are several large state parks within a three-hour drive that only have 30-amp electric hookups.…

Trojan Trillium Li-ion Battery

Trojan Battery Company’s new Trillium intelligent lithium-ion deep-cycle batteries are a direct replacement for standard lead-acid batteries, as well as other LiFePO4 batteries, lowering operating costs, since they don’t need…
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Making the LED Swap

  Replacing Traditional Bulbs with New Technology Leads to Improved Efficiency and Longer Light Life   In recent years, the “green” movement has come on strong in the RVing industry.…