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New Technology for Roadtrek RS E-Trek

A new Class B motorhome from Roadtrek is in production, and features technological advancements and environmentally friendly improvements. The RS E-Trek is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and incorporates…
New RVs

Roadtrek Introduces Ranger RT

  The latest addition to Roadtrek Motorhome’s lineup of Class B camper vans not only boasts a lower price point and lighter weight, but an environmentally sensible enhancement as well.…
New RVs, Top Stories

Roadtrek 210-Popular: Full-Featured Class B RV

In Class B motorhome ownership, compromise comes with the territory. Owners often trade room and some amenities for better mileage and manageability, and they’ve come to expect effective use of…

Roadtrek SS-Ideal

The Daimler Sprinter story has become a new chapter in the RV evolution tome for its abilities and economies and judging by the enthusiastic reception of dealers and owners alike,…