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Camp Cooking

Lake Superior Chowder

For many of us, March can be a cold, blustery month and there’s no better way to warm up than a rich, thick chowder like the Lake Superior Chowder from…
Camp Cooking

Road Foodie: Experience Twillingate

February is the month of love, and nothing says “I love you” better than your sweetheart’s favorite pie. Unfortunately, I’ve never mastered making a good pie crust. Mine always tear…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Recipe: Grilled Lemony Artichokes

During the holidays, we always make some traditional dishes, but I like to find something to add a new “wow” to the table. This year, my holiday menu includes grilled…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Road Foodie: Zucchini Zone

  Last summer, I returned home from a 10-day motorhome trip to monster zucchinis growing in my garden. No matter how much I begged, I couldn’t give them away. This…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Recipe: Tomato Feta Cheese Tart

  One of my favorite things about summer is homegrown tomatoes, especially super-sweet cherry tomatoes. Homegrown tomatoes really taste different – sweeter, with more vibrant, tomatoey flavor notes – than…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Recipe: Southern Pecan Pralines

When summer heats up, nobody wants to bake, but your sweet tooth may still crave a sugary treat. That’s where pecan pralines come in. This Southern candy/cookie doesn’t require heating…
RV Living

Celebrate the ‘Stinking Rose’

  Garlic is one of my favorite seasonings, second only to salt. I realized how much I use garlic when we recently hosted a friend who is severely allergic to…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Road Foodie: Welcome to Pearadise

  There are times of the year when berries, cherries, peaches and other fresh fruits are readily available. April isn’t necessarily one of those months, but that doesn’t mean you…
Camp Cooking, RV Living

Road Foodie: Lighten Up with Lemons

  The holidays are behind us and, if you’re like me, all those sweets, cocktails and high-calorie foods have left you bloated, out of sorts and a little heavier than…
Camp Cooking, RV Living, Travel

Road Foodie: Hammond’s and Holiday Peppermint Bark

  Candy comes to mind at this sweet time of year, and no one does holiday treats better than Hammond’s Candies (www.hammondscandies.com), an old-time candy maker in Denver, Colorado, that’s…