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What’s A Mat-a U?

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

As most do-it-yourself mechanics know, a few weekends turning the wrench under the hood can leave a driveway looking like a service bay, covered in grease stains and oil spots. The Abzorb Oil Mat from PCI Products Company is designed to collect that mess for proper disposal, protecting your driveway – not to mention local waterways – from oil runoff. The charcoal-gray mat is manufactured using material similar to what’s used for cleaning up oil spills in the ocean. Available in three sizes: 3 x 3 feet, 3 x 5 feet and 3 x 8 feet; PCI claims the 3 x 5-foot model is capable of absorbing up to one gallon of oil and other fluids over time.

PCI Products Company, (800) 869-9633, cleanupstuff.com

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