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Water Pump Cycling, Part II

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Q: In your March 2012 issue, Steve Rammler from Sandpoint, Idaho spoke about his water pump cycling on about every 10 minutes. I experienced the same problem last year. After pulling most of my hair out looking for a leak that didn’t exist I finally discovered it to be a torn O-ring inside one of the valves in the tank-fill/drain/winterize board. The water was draining back into the tank so there was no drip and no wet spot. I had trouble finding the O-ring needed. I finally found one in a faucet repair kit at my local home improvement store. Please pass this along to Rammler, and all the rest of your readers, so we all may once again be happy campers.

– Dick Reed | Rockfield, Ky.

A: Thank you, Dick. It seems like that was a tough chase, and we hope your hair grows back. As for O-ring availability, if your local plumbing supply stores don’t have the right part, try a shop that specializes in hydraulic hose repair and manufacturing. Most of them carry a broad array of O-rings of all types and materials and they may well have what you need.

– Jeff Johnston

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