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Using Heat, Invention Could Lessen Need for Large RV Holding Tanks

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


A new way to dispose of RV waste could eliminate the need for motorhome owners to frequently dump their black and gray water storage tanks.

Namon Nassef, president of Nassef Engineering and Equipment Company, is putting green technology to work to get rid of RV sewage without the odor or any other undesirable byproduct.

The ThermalTreat Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Sewage Elimination System, invented by Nassef, uses a small 5-gallon-or-less tank, grinds up the solids, and then dissolves the solids in the liquid. It then pressurizes this liquid and injects it into the hot exhaust gas of the engine. Steam and negligible minerals, which come from the food people eat, leave with the hot exhaust gas. The system is small, lightweight and uses no chemicals. And according to a company press release, it produces no odors, liquid or solids to handle.

“We believe that there is a growing desire for environmentally friendly energy recovery methods to handle sewage,” Nassef said. “It is our belief that when this technology is offered and demonstrated, the demand for it will be overwhelming since it is more efficient, cost effective and green. The current markets are huge – valued at several hundred million dollars per year – and the international market is immeasurable.”

The ZLD processing unit without the EQ tank is approximately 12-by-18-by-24 inches – the size of a medium suitcase – and weighs less than 100 pounds. But, it can process approximately 300 gallons per day depending upon available heat simply using engine exhaust to treat and dispose of sewage with no liquid discharge.

Nassef predicts it will eliminate large holding tanks in RVs, thus giving designers more storage space for other needs, such as clean water or cargo. It also eliminates the problem of dumping sewage holding tanks when there are no convenient places to dump, he noted.

The ZLD Sewage Elimination System is not yet on the market, as Nassef is working to draw investors.

Advantages of the system include:

– No odors

– No liquid discharge

– Energy recovery

– Environmentally friendly

– Small/lightweight

– Operable worldwide

– Operable in all climates and harsh environments

– Quick start/stop or storage/use cycles

– Plug-and-play design for replacement or repair

– Potential water reuse

– No chemicals required

– No sludge to dispose

To find out more, visit www.thezld.com.

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