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U.S. House Again Sides with RV Industry in Vote

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The U.S. House of Representatives adopted an amendment written by U.S.
Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., that would allow RVs in addition to medium-
and heavy-duty vehicles to qualify for new Department of Energy (DOE)
research and development grants created by H.R. 3246, The Advanced
Vehicle Technology Act of 2009.

The House adopted the amendment by a vote of 369 to 62 and
subsequently passed the bill, according to the Recreation Vehicle
Industry Association (RVIA).

“The RV industry plays an important role in north central Indiana’s
economy, and these vehicles are used by many families across the
country,” said Donnelly, who represents the 2nd District in northern
Indiana. “By explicitly including RVs in DOE research and development
under The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act of 2009, federal researchers
will be put to work devising new technologies to help make RVs more fuel
efficient. Doing so will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help
protect RV owners and makers from the impact of rising energy prices.
With both government experts and RV makers working to usher in a new
generation of fuel-efficient vehicles, we can help to ensure the
industry’s continued competitiveness and success.”

H.R. 3246 authorizes DOE programs that examine technology solutions
to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce its emissions, and
improve its safety. In addition to research and development by the DOE
for passenger vehicles, the legislation will also set aside funding for
medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Donnelly’s amendment includes RVs as
another category of vehicles that are eligible for grants in addition to
medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

“A comprehensive federal vehicle research and development program
is critical at a time when the RV, automotive, and commercial trucking
industries have limited resources for increasingly expensive research
and development,” Donnelly said.

Reps. Mark Souder, R-Ind., and Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., co-sponsored Donnelly’s amendment.

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