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Trio of Cookbooks Take Campground Cooking to the Next Level

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Paradise Cay Publications has released a mini-series of cookbooks designed specifically
with the camper and RVer in mind. Foil Cookery,Campground Cookery and
Can-to-Pan Cookery include a combined total of more than 600 recipes that even the
least experienced chef in the galley can prepare, and even the most discerning palate in
the coach can appreciate.



Foil Cookery: Cooking Without Pots and Pans, by Lori
Herod, is the perfect companion for camping, fishing and hunting trips – as well as for
relaxing in the campground next to the barbecue. This book will show you how to make pots,
steam pouches, skillets and more, all out of foil. Recipes included in Foil

  • Hunter’s Stew With Dumplings
  • Alaskan Salmon Cakes
  • Honey Cashew Green Beans
  • Mountain Man’s Apple Cobbler and more.

MSRP $9.95. Available at major bookstores
nationwide, as well as online book sellers
Barnes and Noble


Lynne Orloff-Jones takes creativity to a new level with
Can-to-Pan Cookery: Ideal for Campers, Boaters, Outdoorsmen, Students, RVers and
Busy Homemakers
. Using simple ingredients along with what’s on hand in the pantry,
Can-to-Pan Cookery

will have you impressing your fellow diners in no time.
Meals will be easier and cheaper to make, too.

Features of this must-have guide

  • tips for stocking the galley
  • essential galley equipment lists
  • recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, soups, salads and more
  • a valuable appendix containing a substitution chart, metric conversion chart,
    information about shelf life and more MSRP $9.95.

Available from online bookseller


Now in its fourth edition, Campground Cookery: Great Recipes for
Any Outdoor Activity,
by Brenda K. Kuhlbert, is still a reader favorite. With
recipes ranging from sauces (tarter to mint to spicy bbq) to main meals (chicken
fajitas to cranberry lamb steaks) and beyond, any campfire cook can become a gourmet.

Highlights of the book include:

  • informative poultry section that details the different poultry types (capon to
    chicken to cornish hen), tips for grilling and how to cut a whole chicken up into
  • a section on the different types of grills and benefits of each
  • seafood handling and grilling techniques
  • skinning, cleaning and filleting fish
  • the art of foil cooking, including how to create your own cooking utensils
  • dutch oven and reflector oven cooking
  • pie irons and more. A handy appendix contains checklists and substitution charts.

MSRP $11.95. Available from online retailers
Barnes and Noble

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