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Tread-Edge Wear

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Q. Why does one tire on my two-axle travel trailer wear excessively on the inside of the tread?

— J.W., Mahomet, Illinois

A. That axle end may well be out of alignment, J.W. That tire could have hit an obstruction in the road that missed the tire behind it, or it could have come from the factory that way — although that seems unlikely.

Take the trailer to an alignment shop that can handle trailers. Mechanics there can check and verify — and correct — that wheel’s alignment. If it’s too severely out of spec, the entire axle may need to be replaced.

— J.J.

Jeff Johnston, TL consulting editor, started RVing at age 6. During his more than 20 years as a writer/photographer, he has worked for Truckin’ and Four Wheeler magazines before joining TL’s technical staff in 1985. Johnston also has produced an award-winning travel video and TV commercials.

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